Born in 1961, one of my earliest memories was watching my hero Lassie on TV. Of course, that memory is in black and white because that is how it was broadcasted. I remember during my younger years, the black and white TV had grown old, the picture tube grew weak and turning up the brightness control became a ritual.

Eventually, the tube grew so weak that even though the brightness control was turned all the way up the picture was still blank.

During the mid 60’s, the memory of seeing a color TV for the first time is still with me. It was amazing to see the difference in color TV as compared to to the black and white I had watched for so long.

In the drab and dreary world that the children who need our help live in, there is no longer any light. They have tried to adjust the brightness control, but nothing they can do will make their life any brighter without the hope that only Jesus can bring.

The Bible tells us in John 8:12 that Jesus is our light, “I am the Light of the World [every man].” What does it say about those who follow Him? …“he who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life.”

The Jesus we represent to these children is the “Light of the World” and can bring them out of darkness with real hope of a new life in Him.

Jesus used light as one of his graphic analogies as He often used common things that would be familiar to everyone. Light in and of itself is beautiful, mysterious and in many ways shows us the nature of the God we serve. Light is one entity, but can be separated into many colors.

Light has many functions. Light helps us see things. Jesus made it possible for us to see the truth about God and about life, our origin, and our destiny. Light guides us as we travel. Jesus guides us safely through life to our heavenly home. Light promotes growth and life. Jesus brings us everlasting life. Light warms and comforts. Jesus welcomes us and calms us. Light prevents crime. Jesus is goodness itself. Light dispels darkness, which stands for evil. Jesus pierces the darkness of sin and death and conquers them. All the darkness in the world can’t put out one candle’s flame. Jesus cannot be overcome by evil.

This is our mission and calling. We don’t just feed kids who are hungry. We don’t just educate kids with facts. We hold up a candle in the darkness to the children’s circumstances and proclaim to them the “Light of the World”. Jesus is imparted through everyone working together with God Loves Kids bringing hope that is real and color to their black and white world. A life lived in full color is our goal for every child God Loves Kids touches with your help. There are many ways you can help us spread the word about God Loves Kids. You could do this by liking us on Facebook and sharing GLK with your friends. You can give this newsletter to you pastor or missions committee and ask them to take prayerful consideration in adding God Loves Kids to the missions outreach of your church. God Loves Kids will miss out and not have the capacity to do what Jesus has called us to do without you. Together, and only together, are we are able to bring color back into an orphan’s world and introduce them to the Light.