Calcutta School

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Lovie Phillips first began seeking sponsors for the children in India in 1974. Seeing the unbearable poverty and the plight of the children, she knew she had to do something to help. Sponsorships began by helping missionaries, Mark and Huldah Buntain, with several children in and around the city of Calcutta which soon grew to several hundred. The Ministry was then known as Christian Communications Commission, Inc. or CCC.

Later, CCC began supporting children at the Bengali language school in Maslandapur, India. This school was first started under a tree on March 1982. It began with 25 students and three employees. At that time, there were only three classes; nursery, kindergarten and grade 1, without a school building.

In 1983, Grade II was started and each subsequent year an additional class was added. In 1989, a new school building was established. The school is running smoothly currently under sound leadership, discipline and structure with a total of 256 students, one headmaster, 8 teachers and 11 non-teaching staff.

The Calcutta school is a day school. The children attend school from 9:15 a.m. to 3:15 pm. The children enjoy participating in the chapel services held daily before classes start, for about 20 minutes. They are served a nutritious hot lunch at school which for many of them is the only good meal they have during the day. They get rice, dhal and a curry – vegetable, egg or fish. Chicken is served once a month as it is expensive in India.

Many of these children live in mud houses with no electricity and open sewers. Half a million people in Calcutta have less than that. The area has more Hindus and Muslims living there than Christians. Most of the people work as daily labourers; in the fields, as rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, etc. They live, eat, work, wash, sleep and die on the open streets. The children at the school draw a distinct contrast to all those outside on the streets. Although, the parents may lose their desperately needed help around the home and in the fields during the day, they are very eager to have their children educated at this excellent, free private Christian school where they are being fed nutritious meals and the word of God.