Why should I sponsor a child?
By sponsoring a child you help them to embrace a hope that will last a life time – hope found only in Jesus. The children we work with are all victims – victims of war, extreme poverty, disease, and godless
religions. Sponsorship enables a child to break free from the darkness of a third world country by becoming a light for Jesus. They are clothed, fed, educated and most of all LOVED. 12

Why sponsor a child through God Loves Kids?
God Loves Kids knows the importance of relationships. We continually keep in contact with our schools and orphanages. As often as possible we visit each one in order to make sure that the children are well
cared for. We also know the importance of a real relationship between a sponsor and child.12

Where do the funds that I donate go?
God Loves Kids Is a non-profit 501-C-3 charity organization. The money is sent directly to help the student or project you have chosen to support. All funds given are tax deductible.12

 How do I choose which orphanages and/or schools to help?
The schools we choose to support are those that have either been founded by God Loves Kids or by another trusted ministry. You may choose a school in India, Nepal, Rwanda, Liberia, or Uganda.12

 What does a child receive with my monthly gift?
In most cases, your $30 per month pays for your sponsored child’s food, clothing, school fees, health care, and housing. How can so little do so much? The directors of the schools use judicious management and oversight to make the most of each donation.
However, the depreciating value of the American dollar and the rise in the cost of food has forced the directors to stretch that $30.12

How long may I sponsor my child?
As long as your child needs a sponsor, we will forward your gifts. We do not “drop” our children when they reach a specific age (we work with one school in India that does limit participation by age, but that is the only one). In fact, we see many of the children through college, Bible school, or vocational school and put them on the way to becoming great men and women of God. Accepting a sponsorship should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision, soon to be cast aside. For this reason, we ask that you prayerfully consider any decision you make to be a sponsor and, if possible, commit to sponsorship for at least a year. We do understand that at times circumstances prevent sponsors from continuing. If that happens please inform us as soon as possible so that we can immediately try to find a new sponsor and ensure your child’s continued support.12

 Do the children in your program receive spiritual instruction, or are you primarily concerned with meeting their physical needs?
We are very much concerned with the spiritual aspect of the children’s lives. All of the schools hire Christian teachers that teach Biblical principles. The children have a daily Bible study where they are taught the Bible and many worship songs. Many children that the schools/orphanages take in are from Muslim families or have never heard of God. By the time they leave the school, many of them have given their hearts to Jesus Christ and have also witnessed to their families.12

May I send gifts to my child?
While sending your child a gift is great fun, unfortunately, we cannot encourage you to do so. The taxes and duties on these gifts are extremely burdensome to the schools overseas. The postal systems in many third world countries are unreliable as well, making the likelihood of your package getting lost or stolen very high. We do provide our sponsors two annual opportunities to show their child a tangible expression of their love. In May, we encourage our sponsors to send an extra $30 for a “special” gift (birthday gift). 12

This money is sent directly to the schools where teachers and house parents choose an appropriate gift for each child. We repeat the program in September so that we can provide the children with a Christmas gift. By adding just $5 a month to your regular monthly sponsorship or giving $30 extra twice a year, you can provide both of these gifts for your child. Occasionally, when Lovie Phillips and her son, Phil Phillips, visits a school or orphanage, they are able to take small gifts to the children as well.12

 May I visit my child?
A visit with your child is a life changing experience. You will never be the same after spending time with these wonderful children. For this reason, we encourage our sponsors to make every effort to visit their children. However, a sponsor is responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. They must also keep in mind that most of our sponsored children live in extremely remote areas. If you wish to have more information about visiting your child, please feel free to contact us. 12

Are there other ways that I can help?
Yes! You can support one of our many projects, such as deep water wells, Bibles for the children, toilets, medical or a sick room for the schools, and even building churches. We often work on special projects that help the children in many ways. You can also give a donation to the general fund to help meet the administrative costs of the ministry. This fund is used to pay for staff salaries, printing,postage, phone bills, utilities, equipment, and office maintenance. 12