While we were in Uganda, during the month of March 2013, the newspaper headlines were filled with stories of kids in the slums who were being told they would have as safe place to live and food to eat along with religious training. Instead they were kidnapped and taken to muslim terrorist camps. Ten Islamic imams were being sought by the authorities for kidnapping orphans who had been recruited into Islamic orphanages.

Thirty children had disappeared from these schools and had been sent to terrorist training camps, and finally were found. Three days later, the newspaper read, ten more orphans were currently missing. If this happened during the ten days we were there in Uganda, we can only assume that it is now a frequent occurrence. It made our team sick to our stomachs to read about it. We also know that sexual abuse of children in Islamic orphanages is epidemic in proportion.

Emerging from the devastation of civil war in the 1970s and 1980s, Uganda has made significant steps in economic and social development, yet still faces major challenges. Ugandan families and communities struggle to access healthcare, education and other basic services and young children often suffer disproportionately. While the country has won praise for its fight against HIV/AIDS, the epidemic has nonetheless been devastating. Uganda has the highest proportion of children orphaned by HIV/ AIDS worldwide. A conflict in northern Uganda, now in its second decade, has displaced more than 1.8 million people and has resulted in the abduction of more than 60,000 children.

God Loves Kids not only cares for orphans, vulnerable children in the slums and disadvantaged youth in Uganda, but when in our schools they are protected from being preyed upon by Islamic and demonic forces. Please encourage your friends, family and church to sponsor a child through God Loves Kids, so they can have a peaceful life with hope and faith in Jesus.