Kigali Harvest Home

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Over 1,000,000 people were massacred during the genocide years. At that time, Rev. Leo Rucibiango was living in Uganda when God placed a burden upon his heart to do something for his birth country, Rwanda. When the capital city was captured, he went there to help people who were in need. While there, he couldn’t help but not be touched by the children.

When he was visiting the Kibilira Village, he found many helpless children who had lost both parents and others who had only one but were completely helpless. God placed it on his heart to start an orphanage/school for those children.

When Pastor Leo first contacted CCC to help with the ministry to the children in Rwanda, plans were made to start a ministry center in the capital city of Kigali. There was so much red tape and many set backs that the home was started in the village of Kibilira first. But finally the school in Kigali opened and is doing well. Further plans are to build a church, Bible College, and a ministry headquarters. Being located in the capital city, there is a great outreach potential for adults as well as the children.