Faithfulness and obedience to the call of God on her life has resulted not only in spiritual sons and daughters, but in grandchildren as well. 

Almost forty years later, with God Loves Kids, has Lovie Phillips been successful in this God given goal? The God Loves Kids Alumni has answered this question with the testimony of their gratefulness and the success of their productive godly lives.

Our most recent trip to Rwanda and Uganda was filled with, not only ministry to children, but meetings with adults who had grown up in God Loves Kids schools. Ages ranged from early twenties up to early forties. All said they owed their lives, both physically and spiritually, to the efforts put forth by the God Loves Kids team. A team that has been lead by one woman to make a difference in the lives of the children.

Respect For My Mom’s Commitment

I can personally witness to the fact that my mom’s faithfulness and obedience to the call of God on her life has resulted not only in spiritual sons and daughters, but in spiritual grandchildren as well. This next generation, God Loves Kids Alumni kids, have never known what it is like to not have a mom or a dad. As they are put in my mom’s arms, she is proclaimed by their parents to be their grandmother. Many young girls have been named, “Lovie”, after her.

Keeping Up with Numbers Can’t Be Done,

When We Know It’s Thousands We realize that communicating in numbers is no longer possible. We know it is thousands of lives who have been changed in the last forty years. The greatest measure of the success of this ministry is the deep life changing impact our kids are having on their own families, communities and churches. When even just one of our sponsored students who graduated Bible College and who started a church in a predominantly muslim community has people coming to Christ daily, we see the extension with lives constantly transformed. This is a ministry that has truly multiplied over and over again and it is our goal in the next year to share as many of those success stories and testimonies with you.

Travel is Crucial

We do need to make you aware of a very real and urgent need for your ongoing support for the Travel Fund. We need to visit the schools in Africa more often, at least, twice a year. We want to continue to do what God has called us to do and follow even new paths that He directs us in, but it is dependent on God Loves Kids faithful supporters.

We can’t do this alone. Your prayers and financial dedication are crucial to the ongoing success of this ministry.

For The Children,

Phil Phillips