Maranatha Children’s Home

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Maranatha Children’s Home is located in Vijayawada, India. Poverty is extremely widespread throughout India leaving parents without means to provide for their children. Brother Moses Choudary started a children’s home over 10 years ago to reach the boys who were orphaned or from the extremely poor homes in that area.

Females are some of the least valued and most mistreated members of the Indian society. In 1991, with the promised support from God Loves Kids, Moses Choudary opened the doors of the children’s home to 20 girls. Each year the numbers increased as we found sponsors for the girls. Today, almost 50 girls are housed in the girl’s home.

All these girls come from hurting families, families too poor to care for them. The girls often do not even have relatives to help them. They come to the home, they stay until they are able support themselves on their own. The change in their lives is genuine during their stay at Maranatha (MGH). They grow up physically and spiritually. They receive all the basic needs to survive in life. And most importantly they experience the love of God.

A personal note from the school director:

A woman from Priestly Caste due to her marriage with a young man from another caste and was deserted by her family. (The inter-caste marriages are not acceptable to most people) After a boy was born, the young man had left… leaving his wife and son as orphans. It is rare that kids from priestly caste are taken into the orphanages.

Who will care for him?

The father of a five-year old girl from Lambadi Tribe died of neurological disease and his mother has a mental problem. What will happen to Bhargavi?
A woman from Fisherman Caste lost her husband and two children. The seasonal work she did brough around 60-75 cents a day and could not feed herself, her mother-in-law, and her four=year old daughter. Who will feed the four-year old girl, Karuna? Saumya, a four-year old girl lost both her parents. Where will she go? Someone brought her to one of our pastors. What will he do with her but find a shelter where Saumya will be safe and experience genuine love?
It is because of God’s people like you who partner with us, help Maranatha Children Homes where kids like these are very happy.
-Moses Choudary