Miriam Children’s Home

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Miriam children’s home was started in the year 1969 with two orphaned children’s homes at Amalapuram, India and it has grown to 50 children’s homes with 5000 children. These children’s homes are well known for their service to the poor and needy by providing food, shelter, education and clothing; the children are orphans or semi-orphans from disturbing families and very large, poor families. These families are not in a position to provide education and food for their children. Children from six years and up are given priority to join the home and if they do well they will continue their education in trade school or in college.

The children who attend Mariam children’s home receive an excellent Christian education. More than 900 children attend these schools in Amalapuram. There is a huge demand in the city for the Christian schools but priority is given to the children at the home. Despite their socially disadvantaged position at the time of joining the home, these children succeed well with good results.