Nagaland School

Reverend Vang Pong Phom is headmaster of Nagaland Mission School. His father was the chief of the Phom tribe and was the first to accept the message of the Gospel brought by missionaries to their land. Vangpong’s family suffered much persecution due to their conversion to Christianity. When Vangpong went to school, he was persecuted because he was a Christian so, his parents sent him to an orphanage in a nearby village. He grew up, graduated and received a scholarship to Christ For The Nations in Dallas, Texas. God placed within Vangpong’s heart a call to the ministry, not to the world but to his own people. Vangpong returned to Nagaland to full-fill God’s calling on his life.

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Vang Pong desired to help the children in Nagaland who were orphans or living in poverty. When the Nagaland School was first established, all the buildings were made of natural bamboo and every few years they had to be rebuilt. Because of sponsors support, God Loves Kids was able to send funds to build permanent buildings for the children to attend school. Today, VangPong and his wife have schools in two locations. These schools not only effect the children’s lives but also they help to reach the whole community.

Narola, VangPong’s wife, helps in the classroom, teaching the children as well as hand sewing all their uniforms. VangPong and Narola are like parents to many of the children who attend the schools. Narola loves and cares for them as if they were her own.