Nepal Children’s Home

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Nepal Children’s home is in the small troubled country of Nepal. One of the Bible translators from our sister ministry, Evangel Bible Translators, has a desire to translate the Bible into the native language of the Tharu people in Nepal. As the Nepali government will not allow an explicitly Christian work to be done in their country we are not allowed to say where the school is located or the translator’s name. Along with translating the Bible he also wanted to start an orphanage.

This is how God Loves Kids got involved. Believing in the translation project and in helping desperately poor children, we immediately agreed to support a children’s home for charitable work. The translator took in 25 young children who were suffering from poverty.

Nepal is the poorest country in Asia and in fact has been declared in a state of emergency since 2001. In January of 2005, the king took direct power and the situation has grown quite grave. Villagers are caught between the royalists and the rebels. Both sides use food, medicine and water as weapons. Villagers struggling already to provide for their families now often cannot meet their needs. Most humanitarian help is pulling out of the country so their options are limited.

Christians often suffer persecution from both sides in this civil war. All the children taken into Nepal Children’s Home are from Christian Families. They recieve spiritual nurturing, food, and an education. Without the home, they would not be certain to reviece enough food each day and defenietly not an education.