New Eden School

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Richard Ssenyonga is the founder/headmaster of New Eden Primary School. Richard and his brother went to live with their elderly grandfather after being orphaned during the war. In 1989 Richard’s grandfather could no longer take care of the two young boys. So he brought them to Uganda Gospel Rehabilitation Center, the first home in Africa God Loves Kids ever supported.

Richard was intent on getting an education and he did just that. After graduating, he went to work teaching for a friend at a small school of about 50 children in a rented facility. Richard enjoyed his job but was frustrated because he could not teach Christian principles. In 1995, his friend passed away, and Richard became the headmaster. He was then able to implement Bible classes in the school.

During one of Lovie’s (God Loves Kids Founder) visits to Uganda, Richard told her, “When you took me in I had lost all hope. You gave me back my hope. Now, I want to give that same hope to these children.”

Ever since then, God Loves Kids has supported Richard and his dream.

New Eden Primary School is a mixed day and boarding school. Officially starting on February 10, 1997, the school has grown to be one of the best schools in the district. New Eden excels in academics, music, and athletics.

The school opened with 10 orphans boarding there and has grown to almost 50, with another 150 needy children living on campus as well; while the day school began with 50 children has now grown to 300.

Some of the kids there are orphans but most of them are from poor and impoverished families who, like Richard, needed hope for future. Their options are limited.