Please help us finish the new dorm for the Nagaland students.

Our goal is to be ready so the village children & translators’ children can start the next school term.

A dorm will make it possible for God Loves Kids and EBT to continue working together by providing an education for some of the EBT translators’ children. These are translators who live in remote areas where there is no education for their children without them being sent away to expensive boarding schools which they cannot afford. When the children attend Seeds of Hope School and live in our dorm they will be able to see their parents who come for the training sessions at EBT’s translation center. We are praying that God will quickly supply for the dorm so these children can start school.

The children from our village school will also be able to live in the dorm and complete their high school education in a wonderful Godly atmosphere with Christian house parents and have prayer and attend chapel daily. A teacher who visited the school with us a couple years ago said our schools are two years ahead of the school where she teaches in California. We believe these children will have a Godly influence on their home areas and their country for many years to come.

What is needed to complete this goal?

#1 General Mission Fund

We are so thankful for what God has done in the almost four decades of ministry for some of the neediest children in the world. So many lives have been changed and many of those children now have children of their own who are not in the God Loves Kids program because they have a loving  parent who was given an opportunity to succeed through our collective efforts.

In so many ways God Loves Kids is having a wonderful year. You and other partners and many new volunteers have helped us to make great strides in advancing the ministry and we feel that it is God’s way of laying the foundation for some truly world-changing things to come. Our goal is to reach many more children this year. It will take a team of people to accomplish this goal. Our vision is to see long-term changes made that will reach generations to come.
While God has opened doors of opportunity, He has also challenged us to make people in the USA aware of the needs of these children, and to give them hearts of compassion and to share their hearts with the children. We can’t change every child’s life but we can work together to change as many as possible.

With the help of our sponsors, prayer partners and volunteers, thousands of children in fifteen locations are having their needs met. These children want to be in our schools and they want to succeed and most of them are passionate about their new faith in Christ.

You can help in several ways.

  1. Pray that God will give us wisdom and stamina as we work daily on behalf of the children.
  2. Pray that God will make Himself real to every child sponsored through God Loves Kids.
  3. Pray that the financial needs of the ministry will be met.  At this time we need to raise $25,000 and that will be a challenge based on faith.
  4. You can help directly through giving. Would you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible donation to the mission fund of the ministry in addition to what you may already be giving?

We look forward each day to doing the work of the Kingdom and partnering with our friends to set the stage for the Holy Spirit to touch thousands of children half way around the world. My prayer for you is that God is doing as many wonderful things in your life as He is for God Loves Kids.




During our time spent in Uganda and Rwanda last year we were with hundreds of children each day who were enthusiastic about being in school. Their lives were being changed and they knew it. The classrooms were a place of hope and joy and the school was a place where both spiritual and physical needs of 2,500 children were being met every day. Yet we were confronted by so many needs the children still had that we came home determined to do more in 2011.

As we have started a new year the biggest challenge God Loves Kids faces is very practical. We desperately need to completely replace our computer system & other equipment in the office. Due to budgetary constraints and the starting of many new projects such as the High School in Nagaland, we have made do with computers and servers that are now completely out of date and worn out.

What we do in the office of God Loves Kids sets the stage for everything else to take place.

We are asking that you prayerfully consider helping us meet our goal of new equipment in the office and a replenished general fund account so that God Loves Kids can touch the lives of thousands of children every day.

We will need a total of $15,000 to replace our computer system and we need additional funds to replenish our general fund account. We are asking you to prayerfully consider sending a gift of $100.00 or more this month.

God Loves Kids touches children in Rwanda, Uganda, Liberia, India, Nagaland, and Nepal.

Many would not make it to adulthood without that touch. So your gift toward our new computer system and the general fund will help us to continue the success we have had over the last 37 years. In addition, your gift will have a significant affect on our ability to keep you our sponsors better connected to your children.

Thank you again for being a true partner in our efforts to have an impact on children who would be otherwise lost, forgotten or abused.