Shalom Academy


Formerly called Rival Temple Nursery.

Copyright God Loves Kids

RTN is a school to provide education for orphans and children of poor families who cannot afford to send their children to school at all. The children are ministered to spiritually also.

This school was established and is administrated by Godfrey and Peace Katete. Godfrey was one of the first children God Loves Kids took into our first children’s home in Uganda (UGRC) at the end of that horrible war in the 80’s. Godfrey’s father and all of his brothers had been slaughtered in that war. Godfrey had lived in the forest for more than five years, eating berries or anything he could find to survive.

It was when we took him into UGRC that he first heard the good news about God and how He could change his life, future and eternity. There he came to know Jesus as his Savior, in addition to receiving a quality education to which he would not have had access otherwise. Godfrey was healed emotionally and given new hope. He said “before coming to UGRC, We were people whose hopes were completely gone.”

Godfrey was a diligent student, and also began pouring himself into studying God’s Word, praying and fasting. In 1994 he heard God calling him to the ministry. Four years later, at the end of the terrible genocide in Rwanda, God spoke to him to go there and help bring healing to the people of that nation.

God was calling him to his homeland though he had never lived there, as he was born in Uganda. Ironically his parents were refugees in Uganda because of the earlier 1959 genocide in Rwanda, and then the family lost their lives in the Ugandan war.

Godfrey and his wife Peace have not had an easy road. Their trials have been many but they have stayed on course as pastors of a church, evangelizing in that nation, and operating a school. In addition to their own four children they are taking care of several orphans, including an abandoned baby.

Godfrey and Peace love the children and he said “I must help the less privileged, those the devil has purposed to destroy them and their future, just like you took care of me.” The children at this school will be shown great love.