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Art and photography have been passions of mine for decades. I was fortunate enough to have a great art and photographer teacher in high school.  My great art teacher and photography teacher from high school laid a foundation of what would become a passion for me.  My photography teacher Floyd Hutzel would often drill into the students the principle that “no matter what you do in life, be the best.” In my adult life, my personal goal has been to take those words to heart and live by them.  Since those early days I have been blessed to use my artistic skills in everyday life and now for a missionary organization that serves 13 orphanages in Africa and India, making an immediate and an eternal difference in the lives of thousands of precious children who would otherwise be without food, clothing, and education. has invited me to serve with them on numerous missions trips to Africa and India which has truly caused me to discover and develop true photography skills working with and photographing orphans. Most of my photography work is related to three missionary ministries with which I have traveled to 19 different countries including, Africa, India, and South and Central America.

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I was a web designer and graphic artist for Frito Lay for 5 years when I was laid-off. Being 50 years old, I was pretty devastated and yet, looking back, this was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. It was a blessing in disguise. It was then that I started and purchased a couple 60” wide format printers, a scanner, laminator, and a few other needed tools and set up shop and begin producing quality photo enlargements for our satisfied customers. has now been in business for 8 years and has been quite successful in building a healthy nationwide customer base. Our daily goal is to produce the best possible prints on the best quality paper at a reasonable price.  I think we have achieved that objective.