Travel with God Loves Kids

Romans 10:15 “And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

It is interesting that God calls the feet beautiful. God could have called the lips beautiful, or the mouth; but He said the feet are beautiful. Why the feet? Because it is with one’s feet that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is carried to a needy world.

Throughout the Bible there is a mandate to GO, and we have gone. Direct contact with the children has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to communicate our hearts and God’s love to them. Anointed ministry like this is life changing and creates a cohesiveness with the workers and children that is impossible to get without touching them personally. Ministering one-on-one has an impact like nothing else we do.

Over the years those who have gone with us have been a blessing to the children and have been blessed themselves. They come home changed by their experiences and become real champions on behalf of the children and the ministry of God Loves Kids. We invite you to come with us if you are led by God to do so.

To go forth into the most remote places in the world and preach the Gospel of Grace and Peace, we must have the funds to pay for the airfare, lodging, food, gas, and many other expenses necessary to travel. Your financial contribution would make it possible for us to “GO FORTH.” If you want to send a donation for travel, please designate that it be used for the “travel fund.”


Additional Thoughts on going from Phil Phillips

In our western culture we are taught to be as efficient as possible and be good stewards of our time and money. Following this thinking, we might be led to believe that spending money on travel would not be a wise thing to do. However, God is relational in all that He does. He didn’t just send a check or wire funds. He sent His Son, in the flesh, to dwell among His people.

Personal relationships and physical presence bless our partners in ministry and the children in ways that just sending money can’t. As often as possible we need to do more than provide meals for the children. We need to sit down and break bread with them. The latter is a picture of the Kingdom and much more encouraging and spiritually life-giving. Rather than simply receiving food, they receive the encouragement and support of knowing that someone cares enough to show up. That’s huge! (Matthew 25:34-40)

Our presence also blesses us and our ministry staff in the States. I wish I could recount all the incredible blessings we’ve received simply by spending time with the children and our workers in India, Nepal, Rwanda and Uganda. A few years ago I was in India four times in one year and although I was teaching in Bible colleges and preaching in churches in the evenings and on Sundays, during the week I would visit the schools. The simple act of just being with them and ministering to them encouraged them. So many of the children are orphans and they desperately need to feel our love for them in person. In return, we are encouraged and energized. Our heart is always to sow the maximum amount of resources into the children’s lives. We come home and testify of God’s goodness, power, and grace which in turn strengthen the Body of Christ.

No ministry funds that are designated to be used for the children or projects ever go to pay for travel. We raise money specifically for travel and the team of volunteers raises their own support. Could we save money by not going? Not in the long run. For the health of the ministry, we should go more and take more people with us. Everyone knows that man shall not live by bread alone. There is a huge need for someone to go in His name, touch with His hand, speak His words and wrap His arms around them and bless them in His name. Our God is big enough to provide the resources needed to carry out the ministry to which we are called.

For the Children

Phil Phillips