Uganda Gospel Rehabilitation Center

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God Loves Kids began working with Uganda Gospel Rehabilitation center in rural Uganda in 1987, shortly after its founding. At that time, the country was recovering from a long and bloody civil war. The area in which the orphanage is located witnessed over 500,000 deaths. Thousands of children were orphaned or separated from their families. UGRC began with a handful of children found living alone in the forest, foraging for food and surviving any way they were able. These children were given shelter, food, clothing and education at the home. Most importantly the children were given new hope for the future as they were shown the love of Jesus.

One of the first projects was providing a convenient water source. There was no water nearby, so a walk of about 7 miles was involved to carry water back to the center. A well as dug and water pump installed on the property. It wasn’t long before the well became the center of the village of Butayunja. several years ago, a we were able to build showers and toilets for the orphanage. The teachers and workers were thrilled with the new facilities. Some of the children had never had a bath before! Recently, we provided funds for a guesthouse. A nurse’s station and a kitchen so now the doctor or any overnight visitors can stay the night.

UGRC and US numbers are associated with this school.