In 2012 God Loves Kids will be making two trips, one to India, Nepal and Nagaland and the other to Rwanda and Uganda.

You can help make a difference!

God Loves Kids ministers to children who without our help would face a life that is hard for most of us to imagine without seeing it firsthand. Most of the children who come to us have faced the hardships of extreme neglect and abandonment, immense poverty and hunger, and lack of education and care. Every day we have more children who need help.

As a mission trip participant, you will provide hope to children who have already lost so much, and also help prevent at-risk children from losing the little they have. You will be a steward of Christ ministering in the words of Matthew 25:40

“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me.”

The sharing of yourself with these children will bring grace upon their lives.  As a mission trip participant, you will help God Loves Kids provide hands that minister to some of the neediest children in the world – allowing for a bright future for children who have very little hope without us. Together, we can share the love and grace of Christ and make an eternal difference in their lives.

We are also depending on you to make a difference by helping us communicate the God Loves Kids story to your family, friends, church and community. Both during the trip and after you get home, God Loves Kids needs champions who will help us motivate people to help the children.

In order for our teams to travel and minister affectively, the available space on these trips is extremely limited. We are opening these trips up to a maximum of eight people who will work with Lovie Phillips and the God Loves Kids team.

The trip to India in May will begin by going to go to one of the most remote and beautifully breath taking places on earth. We will be ministering at Moravian Mission School which is located in

Ladakh. Leh is in the Ladakh region, a very remote part of India, high in the Himalayan Mountains. It is the most remote region in the country, where travel to this school is only possible 5 months out of the year. We will then travel on to Nepal, the poorest country in Asia, to the Nepal Children’s Home, and then on to Nagaland Mission School in Nagaland, India.

The trip to Africa will be in September and will include a stop at all of our schools in Rwanda and Uganda. If you are interested in going with us on one of these trips, please indicate it on your response form or call our office. We will be happy to send you all the details.